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X-Ring Payment Plan

Why Set up a payment plan?

At the X-Ring Store we believe every StFX student deserves a chance to wear the X-Ring. Students in any year of study will now have the opportunity to contribute financially towards the purchase of their X-Ring from the moment they set foot on campus.

How to start a payment plan:

Step 1: Setting up an account:
Simply give us a call at 902-867-3656, contact via email at xring@stfx.ca, visit us in person at the X-Ring Store or visit us online at xringstore.ca. All you need is your student ID to set up the account. Minimum deposit to start your account is $50. All accounts created via xringstore.ca and over the phone will be emailed an agreement form that will need to be completed and sent back with a copy of your student ID before the funds are processed into your account.

Note: When you sign up for our payment plan, it creates a placeholder order showing a cost of $3100. This is just a temporary holder and not the true cost of your future X-Ring. When you become eligible to order an X-Ring and the time comes for you to order your X-Ring, that placeholder amount will be adjusted to reflect the true cost of the X-Ring you wish to order. The payments you make on your X-Ring Payment Plan will then be applied to the cost of your actual X-Ring order upon confirming over the phone or in person to the X-Ring Store the X-Ring model you wish to order.

Step 2: Contributing to your account:
Contributions can be made in-store, over the phone or online. After the initial deposit of $50 you are welcome to make any size contribution to your account, any time you want. The X-Ring Store account is a great way to start saving throughout your Xaverian journey to ensure that once your graduation year arrives, you are financially ready and confident with purchasing your X-Ring. Family members and loved ones can also make contributions to a student's X-Ring Store Account in the same way, in store, online or over the phone. Contact us for more details on how family members and loved ones can make contributions.

Step 3: Using your funds from your account:
All funds added to your account can be used towards your X-Ring purchase. Please note: X-Rings can only be purchased once you have received your eligibility form. X-Ring Orders can be placed on file before receiving your eligibility slip. This allows for automatic order processing once eligibility is confirmed if the minimum $200 deposit is in your account.

Withdrawing from your X-Ring Account:

Funds from your account can be withdrawn at any point; however, customers wishing to withdraw before the purchase of their X-Ring will be subject to a 10% processing fee. Withdrawn funds will be refunded on the card used for the original transaction. If there are funds remaining in the account after purchasing an X-Ring the customer can choose to have these returned without a fee, purchase X-Ring Store Merchandise, or donate the remaining funds to the Xaverian Fund.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at xring@stfx.ca