Stay in residence three years or more and earn $500 towards the purchase of your x-ring at the X-Ring Store! Did you know all the X-Ring Store is the only provider that uses all its net proceeds to help back students?



  • Student must live in residence for three years in order to qualify for the credit, beginning with residence applications for the 2021/2022 school year. The student must live in residence for the entire length of the residence contract (both fall & winter terms) each year. 
  • Should a student depart residence early (if it’s within the three years required to stay in residence) after receiving their X Ring, a cancellation penalty against the X Ring credit will be applied to their student account. 
  • The $500 credit will be directly applied towards the purchase of the student X Ring at the StFX X Ring store located on StFX campus. There is no cash value, the credit is not transferrable and the credit will not be applied to any other student charges. 
  • Eligible students must be a current registered student and in their first X-Ring eligibility season in order to qualify for the credit. 
  • Students who have an X Ring bursary will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 
  • Should any student select an X Ring that does not exceed $500 in value, the student will not receive any cash value or credit back in return. 
  • In the event the university must make decisions in the face of major disruptive events beyond its control, it will do so based on the guidelines provided by the StFX Senate and Board of Governors. 
  • University Housing may cease this offer without notice should unforeseeable events occur without the negligence of the university. 
  • We are bound by laws governing the personal information privacy act, which does not allow us to release information about you, our client, to anyone – including your parents. 


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